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Learn Agnihotra

I. Supplies

To begin Agnihotra, you will need:

  • A copper Agnihotra pyramid
  • Dried cow dung
  • Ghee (made from unsalted butter from cow's milk)
  • Raw brown rice
  • Agnihotra Mantras
  • Agnihotra timings for your location

II. How to Learn Agnihotra

You can learn how to do Agnihotra in several ways:

  • Read and follow the instructions given in the Agnihotra pamphlet which is included with all first-time orders.
  • Read and follow the Agnihotra instructions given online. This link contains audio files of the Agnihotra mantras and links to timings programs.
  • Watch the Agnihotra Demonstration video below (6 minutes 45 seconds). 
  • Contact us to see if there is an Agnihotra teacher in your area. Agnihotra is always taught free of charge.

For additional information and support, please contact us! We've been teaching Agnihotra for over 40 years. We'd love to help!

Richard and Lisa Powers

Agnihotra Demonstration (Agnihotra Tutorial)

Agnihotra News

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