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We are Richard and Lisa Powers, and we’ve been doing and teaching Agnihotra since 1973. Lisa is a Certified Homa Therapy Teacher. Since 1993 we've been selling a full line of Agnihotra supplies, accessories, and literature from our home in Madison, Virginia. We enjoy serving and speaking with you, and helping you heal the planet through Agnihotra and other Yajnya fires.

If you have questions about Agnihotra, Homa Therapy or Fivefold Path, please contact us!  We love sharing this knowledge and supporting people in their practice of the Fires. We're also in touch with Agnihotra/Homa Therapy teachers from around the world and can draw on their knowledge. We’ll do our best to get you the information you need.

For information on Agnihotra, Homa Therapy or Fivefold Path, please visit: www.agnihotra.org

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Phone: (540) 407-0273