10" Narmada Shiva Lingam

10" Narmada Shiva Lingam

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The Narmadeshvara Lingam or Shiva Lingam

Shiva Lingams originate from a riverbed in the Narmada River in India. It is an Indian belief that millions of years ago a meteorite collided with the Earth at what is now the source of the Narmada River in Madhya Pradesh, a mountainous province some 300 miles northeast of Bombay, India. The tremendous heat of the collision caused a fusion of the ambient rock and the meteoric material. Over the ages, a river began to flow through this area and the combination of these factors produced the unique condition in which pieces of the fused matter, revolving in the river bed over thousands of years, take on a distinct ovoid form. The oval form is markedly different from the flatter, thinner rocks normally appearing in the riverbed.

 Once a year, after the long dry season and just before the beginning of the monsoon, when the river is at its lowest, the villagers, working with oxen and rope, go out to the riverbed and pull the stones from the water. The stones are then hand-polished, a large one taking several months to complete. About twenty to thirty large pieces are taken from the river each year. Down through the ages these stones have been carefully selected from this energy center during the dry season by a few families trained in the art of collecting, shaping and polishing the stones to bring out the natural markings called the “yoni”. The lingams are handled in accordance with ancient Vedic tradition, and are thus highly blessed.

 They have been allowed to come out of India at this time because of the desperate state of the planet. The Lingams are energy generators of balance, of Soul consciousness, of healing. They are impregnated with spiritual light resonating with the 5th Chakra, or Heart Chakra. Thus, their particular job in healing the planet is through opening the heart, healing the pain in the heart which obscures the harmony and knowingness of the soul residing within.

 It is said, according to the Vedic knowledge, that the Lingam represents the inner being, the energy shape of the soul, or the essence of a human being. The upright egg shape represents the divine masculine energy, the power of Shiva. The markings, called the yoni, represent the divine female energy. Here is a balance of male/female, Yin/Yang, dark/light, the positive/negative energies unified--the wholeness of the soul, which is neither male nor female. It is also said that by destiny everyone has their own Lingam. It is as if the signature of one’s soul has been alchemically embedded in the stone down the millenia of its making in the embrace of Mother Earth, and finally in the hands of an esoteric craftsperson.

 The Lingam draws out our soul qualities. As a result, it is a potent force for healing and meditation.

 Spiritual and healing experiences are wide and varied through the Lingams. Some experiences reported have been: tingling and heat, rushing energy up and down the body, sudden clarity of mind in the face of confusion, the release of energy where there was once a blockage, and very often, activation of the Heart Chakra with the accompanying experiences of self-acceptance, self-worth, happiness, contentment, unconditional love, compassion, etc.

 The actual physical properties of the stone (in both shape and material) are said to give the Narmdeshvara Lingam a supreme ability to hold vibrational force and power. The Lingams we sell are blessed in India with mantras, fire ceremony, and kept in a highly charged temple in Maharashtra State. People have experienced the stronger vibrational qualities of our Lingams over others.

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