2 ft x 2 ft dung drying system

  • $140.00

 This 2 ft. by 2 ft. system includes 2 pieces Polymax frame base,  2 fiberglass screens, the thickness grid for maintaining an even thickness when spreading the dung, a copper covered trowel and an 8-wheel slicer. Collect the dung fresh, spread it on top of the thickness grid, trowel it till the grid shows, remove the grid and then score the surface with the rollers, and let it dry in the sun or shade with plenty of air, or rig up an enclosure and dry it with a dehumidifier . This frame needs no other support for spreading the dung, and will last a lifetime with normal use. 

You will want to buy more fiberglass window screen. From a lumber yard buy 48" cut from a 48" wide roll, and cut into quarters. 

Polyma support panels can be ordered from FarmTek Supply, 800-327-6835. Order STK # HA2215. The panels are 2 ft x 4 ft . Use fiberglass window screen placed loosely on top of the pxanels before placing thickness grid.

DUNG SPREADING VIDEO https://youtu.be/2_-9-2Natz0