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Ghee - 13 oz jar (organic)

Ghee - 13 oz jar (organic)

  • $18.91

Due to shortages, we are unable to offer our homemade organic ghee.

If unsalted organic butter is available to you, we suggest that you make your own ghee. Please see the instructions below.

We currently have Organic Valley organic ghee for sale, which we could only buy at full retail price. We are selling it to you at our cost price.

Your understanding at this time is greatly appreciated.

Place unsalted (preferably organic) butter on the stove in a saucepan or in an electric cooker (called a "crock pot") on very low heat. On the stove, let the pan be about two inches above the source of heat. The idea is that the butter heats very gently until all the white foam has risen to the surface. Skim off the foam. It can be fed to some animals.

 Ghee is the golden liquid. When the ghee has turned perfectly clear, it is ready. Ladle it out and strain it through three white (uncolored) paper towels, cotton cloth or a coffee filter. A watery substance also separates from the ghee, and stays at the bottom of the pan. Ladle off only as much ghee as you can without scooping up any of the watery liquid.

 Once you have ladled off as much ghee as possible, refrigerate all the liquid that remains in the pan. The ghee will harden and can easily be removed from the watery substance. Keep the ghee refrigerated and add it to the next batch of ghee you make.

 We recommend storing ghee in glass jars. Plastic is not recommended.

 Properly made ghee does not need to be refrigerated.