Mason bees are solitary bees that can pollinate plants 60 times more efficiently than honey bees, and require only about an hour a year to maintain. They are your native bees and are therefore hardier than honey bees. 

This is my mason bee box which is larger than the one I will sell. You can see on the bottom row there are 4 holes which have been filled with larvae and capped. I hung the box up in March and by April/May the bees had already laid their eggs. 

For small gardens a box 1/2 this size is sufficient. In the fall I will bring the box in for the winter and dismantle it, harvest the larvae, and clean up the box for next year. Total labor: 1 hour. In the spring the larvae will be placed on the top shelf of the box to hatch. 

The blue and yellow paint gives the bees reference points to identify their chosen holes. 

The box is made of Cambria, the trade name of wood that has been heat treated to be weather resistant. This box will never wear out and is easy to pull apart and re-assemble. 

The reference book called Mason Bee Revolution is available on Amazon.com.

Mason Bee Box

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