Starter Agnihotra Kit with CD for computer

Starter Agnihotra Kit with CD for computer

As the name implies, it has all the essential supplies you need to start doing Agnihotra: a copper p..


Dried organic cow dung made in Madison

Dried organic cow dung made in Madison

It's 76 deg. in Madison and I am harvesting my first load of cow dung for 2018! We are back in busin..


Travel Agnihotra Kit

Travel Agnihotra Kit

Many people have told us that this is the best Agnihotra travel kit they've ever used. It has a buil..


Mason Bee Box

Mason Bee Box

Mason bees are solitary bees that can pollinate plants 60 times more efficiently than honey bees, an..


Welcome to The Copperworks

We offer a full line of Agnihotra supplies, Agnihotra kits, books, recordings, accessories and support!

To begin Agnihotra, you will need:

  • A copper Agnihotra pyramid
  • Dried cow's dung
  • Ghee (made from unsalted butter from cow's milk)
  • Raw brown rice
  • Agnihotra Mantras
  • Agnihotra timings for your location

Questions? Contact us! We've been doing and teaching Agnihotra for over 40 years.

Thank you! Your purchase helps support the work of healing the planet and spreading Agnihotra around the world.

Richard and Lisa Powers

Atomic Time - EST

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